Folk singer-songwriter Jillian Antinora embraces her favourite parts of the holiday season in her new Christmas album, The Joys Of Christmas, out now. This jubilant project includes original Christmas-pop tracks mixed in with beloved standards steeped in the holiday spirit. Antinora’s pristine vocal performance lets listeners in on not only her go-to Christmas tunes, but what truly makes this season so special for her.

She especially channels this in original tracks like “Just What We Needed,” where she set out to create something “that reminds us what Christmas brings us.” For Antinora, the anthem “brings peace, love, and freedom from fear.” The singer-songwriter acknowledges that “we have been living with so much fear lately, we need a rest and we need to let the light and joy back into our lives,” she says. “Christmas gives us this and it’s just what we need!” Antinora’s passion shines through with a show-stopping brilliance on each track throughout The Joys Of Christmas.

Antinora lets her honeyed vocals take the spotlight on this record. Her silky tone and masterful control give her the ability to paint each mix with a mesmerizing melody. Unassuming bells delicately caress Antinora’s voice in “Joys Of Christmas” before blossoming into an epic chorus embellished with the colourful harmony of dazzling background vocals. “Joy To The World” is a lively track led by spritely staccato fingerpicking in which Antinora is joined by the harmonies of her 15-year-old daughter; Antinora beautifully makes the space to celebrate the importance of family on this track.

She effortlessly leans into her technical skill with a glamorously polished performance on “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” This smooth jazz track – characterized by heavenly keys and a rich bassline – sets the perfect mood for a snowy night by the fireplace. The songwriter, entrepreneur, and musical theatre actress wrote “Just What We Needed” and “Joys Of Christmas” in collaboration with friend and colleague Chris Kittrell. At its core, this record is an invitation for listeners to embrace the warmth of the holiday season in spite of the hardships that have troubled us all over the last year and a half.

Cover art for ‘Joys Of Christmas’ by Jillian Antinora