With live music returning to some sense of normality, bands everywhere are hitting the road. One of those bands, Bloxx, took time out of their schedule to have a quick chat with us about what it is like to back out on tour. Here we go….

Thanks for your time, how much are you looking forward to getting back out on the road?

Fee Booth: “We are over the moon to be back out on the road again for another headline tour! It’s been a whole 2 years!”

Other than the few Summer gigs, will these be the first proper indoor gigs you’ve done?

“We recently finished a rescheduled stint with the Twin Atlantic boys in September which was fun!”

What have you missed and least missed about being on tour?

“Seeing all the cities and having fun on stage every night!”

Tell us about an average day on the road with Bloxx?

“Travelodge check out, Greggs, motorway services, load-in, chill out, PLAY!”

You must have had some interesting mishaps on stage, care you tell us about one?

“Once my tuner pedal was set to chromatic but was still showing standard tuning and my guitar was a whole step out of tune with the rest of the band for the first song. That wasn’t great.”

What essential items do you pack in your bag before you leave to go on tour?

“Clothes, toothbrush, phone, laptop and slinkies. I’ve got ADHD.”

Out of all the towns and cities you’re playing on this tour, which is your favourite and why?

“Manchester, London and Glasgow always go off! But every city is great.”

What about places you haven’t yet played? Are there any new ones on this tour?

“We’ve actually played in all of these cities before so we are excited to go back to all of them!”

Which venue/city or country is on your bucket list to play?

“O2 Arena, or Wembley SSE Arena I think!”

What about festivals, do you enjoy them?

“Festivals bring us so much joy. The environment is just rad. So glad they are back!”

Four friends and crew in a bus, what do you do to pass the time?

“We either chat, sing, fight or sleep. One of those four.”

What is the most important piece of advice you would give any band just about to go out on their first-ever tour?

“Be timely, organised and try not to have TOOO much fun every night haha!”

Thanks for your time and enjoy the tour.

“Thank you!”

Tour Dates:

10/27 – The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
10/28 – Thekla, Bristol
10/30 – The Loft, Southampton
10/31 – The Bullingdon, Oxford
11/02 – Heaven, London


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