There isn’t much to be known about indie-rock duo Newspoke, and that’s exactly the way they want it. This mysterious twosome is back with their sophomore album, titled Knocking On The Door Of Daylight, which just saw its official release on April 30th. The follow up to their 2018 debut, Faces, the album is a wonderland of indie rock, with addictive hooks, standout instrumentals, and impressive recording. Big fans of college rock, jangly pop, grunge=era alternative, folk, and lo-fi, Newspoke maintain a warm and welcoming approach with their latest offering.

What’s even more impressive about Newspoke than their music is that we have no idea who they are. Somehow, in the modern age of the internet, these two have managed to maintain their anonymity, and only go by the titles of M and R. Their official band bio states that they are rumoured to be former members of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Mobb Deep, but we’re going to take those rumours with a grain of salt.

We recently connected with the mysterious Newspoke to at least get the inside scoop on Knocking On The Door Of Daylight in this exclusive track-by-track rundown, where they explain the origins behind the album’s songs.

Artwork for ‘Knocking on the Door of Daylight’ by Newspoke

1. “Clean”

“I had a front-row ticket to see a roommate in Los Angeles find heroin and then fall into a deep battle. I walked in one day and he was passed out on the couch. In my head I envisioned these little demons sitting around him; they were the moral opposite of guardian angels. He was lost and there was nothing any of us could do at this point until he found rock bottom himself; so I walked into the other room and wrote this song.”

2. “Would Be Lady”

“It’s inspired by the often lonely and defeating NYC dating and bar life. We see that one person across the room that grabs our eyes and heart. We visualize this life of happily-ever-after. But unfortunately, we don’t have the confidence to simply stand up, walk over and say ‘hi.’ We’re told that self-assurance, smooth moves and the ability to play some kind of Jedi mind trick are the only way to approach a romantic partner. All of this conflicting advice on a young person becomes overwhelming and instead, we just sit there and stare at the wall. So instead of a reality, this romance is just a daydream.”

3. “Sleep Well”

“It’s a mixed bag of emotions. It’s about a breakup and both sides coming to terms with the situation. You’re out here dating new people, finding new experiences; and your former mate is doing the same thing. There’s the excitement of finding someone new and meeting new people, but then there’s a mixture of sadness and acceptance of knowing your former partner is doing the exact same thing. The chorus and title, ‘sleep well’ are about sending a positive message even if you’re not happy with the manner in which they’re sleeping.”

4. “Friend”

“It’s about the long and difficult journey of finding a soulmate in New York City. It’s a city packed with relationships: you’re busy with co-workers, friends, and people on the street that take an inordinate amount of your personal time. But if you’re someone like me, then the search of that special person, that ultimate ‘friend’ who is a soulmate, well, it’s consuming and the other people in your life can take a backseat. It was really hard to find love in New York City but I did. She grabbed me and locked onto my soul.

But on the flip side, there’s a high degree of trust where she feels confident to let me live my life without hovering. It’s a difficult journey with a redemption of love and a happy ending. So yeah, if it were a film it would be a Lord of the Rings journey meets dark rom-com, but instead, it’s a 4:02 pop song.”

5. “Sam”

“It’s the sadness, anger, confusion, and love that were conflicting in my head when a very close friend decided to leave us. It describes the items and people left in the wake of his actions while attempting to look at the positive things we miss about him.”

6. “End of Show”

“It’s about a friend, who had a full, incredible life, but was forced to leave too soon and definitely did not want to go. It’s visualizing this person drifting upward while trying to stay attached to the ground.”

7. “Python Petroleum (Or Must Be Tough to Carve Up the Resolute Desk Into Firewood and Other Forms of Combustibles)”

“There was this megalomaniac in the White House. He would pace the office late at night talking to himself and anyone that would listen. At some point in the night, no one would be around to listen so he would talk to himself. He would mumble about the ghosts of the presidents that preceded him. He so badly wanted to one-up them that he decided to carve his name into the Resolute Desk like he was in 5th grade. But because he’s alone he starts talking to his followers in an imaginary sense. He promises them the world and anything they can dream up. But in reality, he wants to be like them. He thinks they’re the answer to his misery. Simply put, he’s lost… and we are the ones to suffer for it.”


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