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Bedroom Wounds Share Their Full Livestream Performance from Magnolia Bar & Grill [Premiere]



Live music! Remember that? Yes, believe it or not, it still does exist and we have the proof right here! Industrial rockers Bedroom Wounds recently performed live at Magnolia Bar & Grill in the band’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, and made sure to capture it all on video. The beautifully-compiled pro-shot video was filmed in promotion of the group’s debut album, Kink, which was released on December 18th via Mind Over Matter Records.

Featuring three songs off of the new album, the livestream event contained all of the ambience and mystique of a typical Bedroom Wounds concert. It’s a valuable reminder of the power that industrial rock music commands when it’s performed live. There’s nothing quite like the spirit and impact of a technically sound band performing intricate and musically complex songs live in the flesh.

Discussing the livestream and the group’s new album, Kristian Kyle Ratliff, the brainchild behind Bedroom Wounds explained, “This live performance is an amazing representation of what the full-length album Kink is all about. It’s packed full of raw emotion that is hard to deny. All I want to express is that there is life after your lowest points. Loss and pain can equal growth and that’s what this is all about. I want the listener to feel welcomed and understood. No one is alone in this. Kink is for everyone and this live performance is a thank you for all the support and love I have received with this release. Three new songs and one old track that just bleed expression and realness.”

Bedroom Wounds is the latest musical endeavour to come from Ratliff, the former drummer of Springfield, Illinois’ Our Lady. Emerging from behind the drumkit has been a transformative experience for Ratliff, as he has emerged into being not only a talented multi-instrumentalist, but also an intense frontman who can keep a crowd on their toes. If you enjoy the music of Type O Negative, Bauhaus, Sisters Of Mercy, or bands of that nature, then you’ll find lots to chew on with Kink. This is intense music not for the faint of heart.

As we await a return to our regularly scheduled lives, it’s nice to know that we have bands like Bedroom Wounds ready and waiting to rock our world.

Artwork for “Kink” by Bedroom Wounds