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Heartbreak and Humour as Lewis Capaldi Kicks off UK Tour at Manchester Apollo

Scottish star Lewis Capaldi kicked off his UK tour in stunning style at a sold-out O2 Apollo in Manchester. Check out the photos here.



If Scottish superstar Lewis Capaldi ever gave up music, he’d most definitely have a back up career in stand-up comedy. Notorious for his top-notch banter, the Scot announces to this sold-out crowd at the O2 Apollo how he’s “got the shits”. It’s certainly an ice-breaker and an interesting way to kick off his headline tour. He then goes on to admit that “at least ten people in here will leave disappointed tonight” before sending “a massive fuck-you out to those fans!”

Lewis Capaldi @ O2 Apollo (Manchester, UK) on March 2, 2020
That being said though, Capaldi isn’t a success story because of he’s ability to brighten up any room with his inane toilet humour and foul mouth. Nope, this is a man who walks out onto a stage, plays a bunch of, in his words, “fucking depressing songs” and has audience after audience falling under his spell. Having become an instant superstar with the hit single “Someone You Loved”, Capaldi’s songs are incredible. They’re sad, they’re heartbreaking, there is emotion and this sold-out crowd sings back every single word with almost as much emotion as the Scottish songwriter puts into them. Bouncing out to an intro more akin to an Underworld gig, Capaldi is simply unstoppable on the opening night of this tour in support of his mega-hit album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, an album this audience know inside out.

Open with “Grace”, Capaldi wows his Manchester fans with tracks like “Don’t Get Me Wrong”, “Bruises”, “Lost On You” and “Hollywood”, each one more heartwrenching than the last. The twelve-song set comes to a roof-raising, spine-tingling climax with the two hit singles, “Hold Me While You Wait” and “Someone You Loved”, both seeing the crowd almost raising the roof off this historic venue and ensuring this highly anticipated UK tour kicks off in stunning style.

[youtube v=”bCuhuePlP8o”]

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