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The Dev – “Broken Lies” [Free Song Download]

Hard-rocking Floridians The Dev are offering their banging track, “Broken Lies,” as a free MP3 download. Get it, listen, enjoy, and repeat.



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The Dev are a hard rock band from Orlando, FL propelled by heavy shreds, pounding rhythms, and commanding vocals from the talented and charismatic Nikollaj. Combining rock, metal and some power-pop tendencies, the five-piece band curates a slick, robust sound that dares you to stay still. As a gift for any appreciative rock/metal-heads, The Dev are now offering their song, “Broken Lies” (stream/enjoy here as well), as a free, high-quality MP3 download. The banging track is a relentless riff-party that begs for repetitive listens, and, from the soaring vocals to the pummeling drums and all the pinch harmonics in between, the track doesn’t even come close to misstepping.

In regards to the meaning of the single, Nikollaj sheds some light by stating “‘Broken Lies’ is the epitome of finally being done with a situation. It’s not a typical post break up song that a lot of people may hear, but rather the process of the actual breakup itself, and this can be a platonic or romanic relationship. I wanted to really write about the grit of finally seeing without rose colored lenses, because at the moment it was what I was going through. My lyrics tend to be a representation of how I feel whether they are literal or lyrical.”

So, not only is it a killer tune, but it’s also a therapeutic tool to process any dead-end situation you’re more-than-ready to move on from. Download the song and get ready to let go of the past and step into the future with “Broken Lies” and The Dev on repeat.

If the free MP3 isn’t enough, check out the “Broken Lies” lyric video here:


The “Broken Lies” single dropped on May 10th, 2019; check out the artwork: