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Edmonton, Alberta-based Krista D is both an accomplished musician and visual artist who, in 2016, resumed her audio activity after a decade-long break. A headfirst dive back into musical creation lead to the November 11, 2017, release of Look at me​.​.​. I’m Krista D, a six-song EP featuring four remastered tracks and two new tunes, one of which is “Land Mine”, our latest free song download.

Currently balancing her music and art, Krista aims to broaden her scope and continue to use her arts to help focus on women’s issues. Now’s a great time to get to know this artist, especially as 2018-19 will see her also issue some soft rock/indie pop fodder under the moniker Molly Grue, plus hard rock as Hooha and the Peter Guns, and punk rock/ska/doo-wop as Krista D.

Commenting on “Land Mine”, Krista left us with some thoughts:

“I wrote this while enmeshed in a traumatic situation and instead of doing what any sane person would do- I complicated things to the point where it was truly something you could marvel at. If you’ve backed yourself into a corner in life and your only escape route is the emotional equivalent of dancing through a field of land mines; this is your theme song.”

Enjoy the free song download, but be sure to also check out its accompanying lyric video.


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