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On the About section of their Facebook page you’ll see the caption “Totalitarian Industrial Black Metal Oppression.” Well, that pretty much sums up exactly what you’ll hear upon hitting play on N.K.V.D.’s song, “Hakmarrja.” This music is brutal, and we mean it this time. Hailing from France, this is industrial black/death metal that will leave you feeling dirty-as-shit and in need of both a bath, and confessional… even if you’re not religious. Stream/download the song just above!

Formed in formed in 2005 by L.F., this band has to-date had quite the busy career. 3 albums have been thus far released – Vrajda demo (2005), Diktatura EP 2007, and Vlast (2011) – with a fourth, Hakmarrja, due out in late October 2014 via legendary label Avantgarde Music, the band’s new home. The music is intense and as the band puts it, “N.K.V.D.’s music is based on history, power and oppression.”


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