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Casey Jack is a raucous new artist who is releasing his debut, self-titled album on August 26th via Rough Beast Records (part of the Frenchkiss label group), and in advance, we’re offering his first single “Not in Love with the Modern World” as a free download! The My Old Kentucky Blog called the track “ferocious” and “a guitar-heavy rowdy song that would be perfect soundtracking a night out drinking with your friends” and we certainly agree!

Casey Jack is packed with catchy hooks, brilliantly layered harmonies, and lyrics both playful and heartfelt. Casey has both a Spector-esque obsession with detail and a love for the raw, fuzzed out energy of early punk. Not many artists are able to reconcile this duality so effortlessly, but this is where Casey thrives. There is no sloppiness or competition between his two sides… seamlessly marrying force and precision, Casey Jack has crafted an awesomely rowdy garage-pop album.

Casey Jack Track Listing:

01. I’m Alright
02. Not In Love With The Modern World
03. Too Far Gone
04. I Won’t Wait In Line
05. Cool Kids
06. Stay Away
07. Maybe
08. Home
09. Halloween2012
10. Return To Sender
11. Terrible Things Always Happen In 3’s
12. Fall


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