Starting today, Metal Injection is hosting the worldwide premiere of the debut music video from Detroit, MI’s Battlecross for the track “Push Pull Destroy” -the first single off of their debut album ‘Pursuit Of Honor’ out August 2nd. Check it out HERE.

The video for “Push Pull Destroy” was shot by Roy Warner Creative & Videography on location at the Yankee Air Museum, located on the grounds of the historic Willow Run Airport. It was at Willow Run where Henry Ford mobilized his manufacturing base to contribute to the war efforts by mass producing the B-24 Liberators that provided American Air Power to win WWII for the Allies.

The video was shot in front of a number of military aircraft, including a B-52 Stratofortress and a C7 Caribou with a special appearance by the B-17 Yankee Lady, one of the only ten surviving flyable B-17s in the world. The Yankee Air Museum is the home to the Yankee Lady, long considered to be the most beautifully restored of all of the remaining flyable planes. This picture is of particular significance because only a day prior to the video shoot, the B-17 Liberty Belle crash landed outside of Chicago, IL and was destroyed. The crew exited safely before the plane was engulfed by flames-another testament to her strength and service to protect its crew.

Portions of the video were shot at the former Packard Automobile Plant in Detroit, MI. Long abandoned and in ruins, the shoot location is reminiscent of the destruction in Germany by the mighty eighth air force of WWII.

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