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Chris Bullinger Premieres His “Animated” Music Video for “Darlin’ ‘n’ Me”

Americana singer-songwriter Chris Bullinger premieres his new music video for “Darlin’ ‘In’ Me” from his new record ‘Waitin’ To Be Seen.’



Chris Bullinger
Chris Bullinger

Although there is no shortage of folk, country, or singer-songwriter music, it doesn’t seem like many artists approach songwriting the way Chris Bullinger does anymore. Today, the Nashville-based artist reveals his new single “Darlin’ ‘n’ Me,” from his forthcoming new record Waitin’ To Be Seen, set for release on August 16th.

The song is a lovely slice of classic Americana with a hint of psychedelia. It speaks to the classic songwriting elements evident within Bullinger’s music. It’s a straight-up, no-nonsense approach, similar in tone and nature to many of the great American songwriters of past and present, such as Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, and Townes Van Zandt.

Commenting on the song, Bullinger states:

“‘Darlin’ ‘n’ Me’ is about a typical day haulin’ to the market for some vegetables and cakes, stopping by the Garden of Eden, and then heading back home for a game of truth or dare. The tune frolics alongside the notion of how beautiful someone can be through a loved one’s eyes. Psychedelic lyrics to a rock groove that begs you to shimmy and shake.”

It didn’t necessarily start this way, but Waitin’ To Be Seen became an expansive songwriting endeavour for Bullinger. As he got down to writing, the songs organically turned into an ambitious concept album. Throughout the album, there are thematic connections and recurring characters all forming together to tell a tumultuous love story between a touring musician and a woman he meets in his travels. Recorded at Nashville’s iconic Bomb Shelter Studios, the album’s overall narrative pursues authentic connection. Bullinger invests in his songs from a storytelling point of view. He comes at these songs believing that songwriting features three primary components. Above all, you have to have observation, empathy, and rhythm. Waitin’ To Be Seen is defined by these characteristics.

Bullinger has released five critically acclaimed albums and etched his place within today’s Americana scene. Bomb Shelter Studios has been his writing and recording home now for the last few albums, with Waitin’ To Be Seen marking the conclusion of his Bomb Shelter Trilogy. He is grateful to the many collaborators who have helped him along the way.

With songwriters still out there like Bullinger, it’s safe to say that singer-songwriter music will always remain an integral part of American culture.

Waitin’ To Be Seen Track Listing:

1. One Complete Connection
2. Ain’t Life Grand
3. Doin’ Bad Good
4. Darlin’ ‘n’ Me
5. Up All Night
6. Carving Tree
7. Already Broke
8. The Way Things Go
9. I’m Not Comin’ Back Home
10. Gotta Save Yourself
11. Temporary Baby
12. Payin’ Dues

Chris Bullinger “Darlin’ In Me” single artwork

Chris Bullinger “Darlin’ In Me” single artwork