Over the past 10 years Canada has seen some great rock musicians, including Toronto’s very own Ian Thornley. He’s again hard at work with his hit band Thornley, supporting their latest album Tiny Pictures. On this release Ian wrote and recorded all vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, mandolin and more; the album is a testimony to the creativity and versatility of this Canadian musician.

Tiny Pictures as a whole offers a variety of music styles. Blues, country and rock are all present throughout the record. This mix gives Thornley a large spectrum of ideas to work with, creating the catchiest songs possible. Each tune hooks you in with great guitar work and smooth vocal lines. The overall album is interesting, keeping your ears primed as you listen for new sounds.

Tiny Pictures is a Canadian gem. It’s a must-have for everyone who likes rock music. Fans of Armchair Cynic, Nickelback, Three Days Grace and Big Wreck will really be hooked into Thornley and his diverse music.

Track Listing:

01. Underneath The Radar
02. Changes
03. Man Overboard
04. Your Song
05. Make Believe
06. This Is Where My Heart Is
07. Better Side Of Me
08. Might Be The End
09. Conscience & Consequence
10. All Fall Down
11. Be There For Me
12. Another Memory
13. Make Believe (West Coast Version)

Run Time: 54:50
Release Date: 02.10.2009

Check out the song: “Changes”