Episode Summary: ALLOY Host Matt got a little jaded with the local scene for a minute and decided to put some people on blast. Host Ben went along for the ride, but demanded they thank all their true supporters in the process. Good job Ben! Way to try to keep Matt’s negativity on the up and up. Since Matt is the tech nerd of the show, there is no interview because he was in quite a mood. Ben didn’t have a choice.

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01. Augustine – “Cinematic Masquerade”
02. Old Habits Die Hard – “Can’t Stop Cruising”
03. 36 Crazyfists – “The Deserter”
04. Return from Exile – “This Party’s Never Over”
05. Misery Index – “Fed To The Wolves”
06. Mose Giganticus – “Last Resort”
07. Across The Sun – “May Silence Keep You”
08. Wild Boar Cannery – “Choke On It”
09. Amerakin Overdose – “Song 21 Dead Girl on the Dance Floor”
10. New World Sinner – “U!”
11. Bring Me Solace – “Of Solitude”
12. Proven – “This War”
13. Dusks Embrace – “Imagination’s Cruelty”
14. Never Heard the Shot – “Scars and Felonies”
15. Ladon – “Shallow Grave”
16. Metaphisc – “Blackness”
17. Stillfire – “The Awakening”
18. The Monster Addict – “The Trial of Benicio del Toro”
19. Monday with a Bullet – “Scent of Your Blood”
20. Almost Is Nothing – “What Demons Breed”

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