Over the past few years I’ve noticed an increase in the number of rock bands incorporating electronica influences in their music. The Rabid Whole are one of these bands. They have successfully integrated this influence into their music and and first release Autraumaton. Now sit back and read this digital review from the comfort of your home.

The album begins with the longest of the tracks, “All The Same”. This song, as do all the others, opens with some single electric notes followed by all the musicians crashing in on their instruments. The large sounding part then softens, giving the electronics the lead along with vocals. It is a simple but powerful formula that the band utilizes with each song. Why change something that works well?

The producer of Autraumaton is Misery Signals vocalist Karl Schubach, and the entire release is a clear demonstration of his personal diversity and ability to reach beyond his usual style, venturing into new musical territory. Apparently, the great sound and production grabbed the attention of Vancouver based label Synthetic Sounds who later signed The Rabid Whole to their label thus propelling the band’s career to new heights.

I have listened to Autraumaton on repeat and every time it still remains fresh, an indication of a truly great album. I advise everyone to go check them out, dig deep into your pockets and buy this album. Fans of Linkin Park, Static-X, APE and Dommin will enjoy this record.

Track Listing:

01. All The Same
02. Harder To Be True
03. Selfish Nature
04. The Strings Inside
05. Faith In Yesterday
06. Collapse
07. Distant Blue Skies
08. My Love, My Blood
09. Tell Me Lies
10.Evidence Of The Fall

Run Time: 47:04
Release Date: 03.03.2009