Fuck All Y’All Motherfuckers is the sophomore release from Blackmarket Activities recording artists Lords. To be quite honest with you, after listening to this disc I was left speechless. I understand there is a sub-genre in the metal scene that is constantly pushing the extremes for harder faster more extreme metal music but I also believe that there is a point where a line is crossed; this disc has crossed that line.

I ALWAYS make an attempt at finding something positive, something worth mentioning in every disc I review, that being said I cannot find one redemptive quality on this record. The recording is horrible and very over-driven, the songs are not very well written and with titles such as “Robed, Raped and Beaten,” “Fucking With Fire,” and “Cause All Of You Are Fucked” it appears that the band is shooting for shock value.

Lyrically the band delves into violent and vulgar themes that once again seem to be extreme just for the sake of being extreme. The whole vibe of this record can be summed up in the lyrics from the song, “Man. Everything Sucks,” in which the vocalist screams, “Everyone I see I want to save or make suffer/Or give them a gun and set them loose on the streets because everything they see they want to kill/It all looks like shit because it really is/No matter how much I don’t want it to be/Rotting, broken and diseased. Man, everything sucks, every fucking thing I see.”

Fuck All You Motherfuckers is filled with fury, hate and extreme aggression and everything in super overdrive; I feel it is overkill and actually detracts from the CD.

Bottom line, I found this disc extremely painful to listen to and honestly, there are a few tunes I could not even finish. If you are one of those music fans that likes to see how far music can be pushed before it is not music anymore than this disc is for you. Otherwise steer clear, this release is a straight up mess.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. This Isn’t A Song Dumb Ass
02. Robbed, Raped And Beaten
03. Why I Don’t Give A Fuck
04. Waist Deep In Shit
05. Deconstructionist Blues
06. Fucking With Fire
07. The Leginald Of Reginald
08. Damnation Of Memory
09. I Know What You’re Doing
10. Blasphemy Act
11. Intermission
12. To Kill Or Die Trying
13. When No One Is Looking
14. Goodnight Sweet Prince
15. Man Everything Sucks
16. Cause All Of You Are Fucked

Run Time: 23:03