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On September 19th, Swedish stronghold of aesthetic darkness Temple Of Torturous will release worldwide Fyrnask’s highly anticipated debut album, ‘Bluostar.’ Musically, Fyrnask’s ‘Bluostar’ can be best described as a combination of classic black metal rooted from the harsh landscapes of Northern Europe together with an eerie ambience which can be only witnessed in the darkest rites from primeval times. To quote a reference, “Fyrnask’s debut is a perfect mixture of Paysage D’hiver and Fauna!”

I recently caught up with Chris Reifert of the legendary death metal band Autopsy to discuss the group’s newest release, Macabre Eternal. After more than a decade off the grid the guys are back with a vengeance; Macabre Eternal is a no-nonsense, death metal record from the critically acclaimed masters of the genre. Here’s what Reifert had to say.

Well here we are again mere weeks after the end of another year. It’s the time of year when everybody and their brother compiles a list of the best and the worst of just about everything. I’ve always enjoyed these sorts of lists and this year I thought I’d try my hand at it as well. So as the title implies, the following albums were my absolute favorite releases of 2010.

I’m not sure what it is but there’s something about brothers in a rock and roll band that just seems to work oh so well. The examples are countless, Stone Temple Pilots, Kings of Leon, Chevelle and now Crash Kings. Formed out of Los Angeles in 2006, Crash Kings are the latest, greatest thing in alternative rock music. The core of the group consists of singer/keyboardist Tony Beliveau and his brother bass player Mike Beliveau with Jason Morris as the drummer.