James Arsenian


If you’re in the Montreal metal scene, or at least most places in Eastern Canada, you’ve probably met or are friends with “Big James” Arsenian of Endast. Though most people may think that vocalists may not have an in-depth opinion of the gear they use, James had some interesting things to tell us about his Shure 55SH Series II microphone. Check it out!

I recently caught up with the Canadian metal act Endast to discuss their newest release, Black Cloud. James and Chris Arsenian, Pepe Poliquin, Ryan Miller and Blair Youngblut took turns answering questions about the band, the new album and what the future has in store for them. Here is how the conversation went.

Bands touring the underground circuit in Canada don’t have it easy. With population centers spread out over vast expanses of geography, only the strong and determined make it out of their formative years intact. Of the survivors, Endast shine bright as an example to other bands within the scene.