Houston’s Christian hardcore outfit Currents is pleased to announce their BridgeWay Entertainment debut album, entitled Spirit And Truth, will be released November 13th. BridgeWay Entertainment is the development division of Red Cord Records that is committed to raising up young, aspiring, Spirit Filled artists. Spirit And Truth will be the follow-up to January’s self-released EP The King, which is available for free via HERE and Bandcamp.

Vocalist Joe Sherman of the band Currents spoke with me about their new self-titled EP. This disc is a multi-layered, multi-dimensional CD that is a very enjoyable listen. The musicianship is top-notch and the songs are fresh, innovative and highly creative; they’re at times powerful and at others convey an almost ethereal mood. The aspect of this disc that I found the most interesting; however, is that while there are different layers at work in songs, nothing feels unnatural or haphazardly thrown in. The album as a whole works well, inviting the listener to sit back, contemplate and draw their own meaning from the work. Here’s what Sherman had to say.