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Mike Repic Unleashes Latest Single “Alive”

Mike Repic rises through desperation to bring unique, honest and modern sound. He is thrilled to release his latest single, “Alive.”



Mike Repic
Mike Repic

Out of the ashes of seclusion and addiction, Mike Repic perseveres to bring a unique, honest, modern sound. Repic is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, “Alive.”

Blending pop and rock sensibilities while not shying away from acoustic, electronic and orchestral nuances, Repic’s songs spark a modern yet classic approach to the medium. Creating dark, thoughtful, sensitive, but ultimately hopeful music with an optimistic narrative, “Alive” is Repic’s triumphant release.

Mike comments:

“It’s about walking through hell, only to come out the other side and realize you’re still living in fear. After getting off of drugs I’ve had to give my head a shake and tell myself ‘look at what you’ve gone through in your life, this shouldn’t scare you.’ It’s ultimately an uplifting song to give myself a kick in the ass to not be afraid to go after the things I want in life.”

For ten years, singer/songwriter/guitarist Mike Repic was the frontman of the acclaimed Canadian rock band 40 Sons. Now venturing independently, Repic is tapping into new sounds with a new spirit and a new range of musical ideas while focusing on recovery and enlightenment.

Mike Repic “Alive” single artwork

Mike Repic “Alive” single artwork

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