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LUMBEROB Shares Summer Single & Music Video “MAYBELLE”

Experience the unique sound of LUMBEROB in his hot new single “MAYBELLE.” Dance yourself flexible and embrace the vulnerability of this captivating performance.



LUMBEROB, photo by Sarah Lamb
LUMBEROB, photo by Sarah Lamb

LUMBEROB shares his hot new single “MAYBELLE,” the next tune from his upcoming LP, HUNTER GATHER. “‘Maybelle’ is about staying sexy as we grow older, about detangling those tangled up by dread and self-hate, about drawing a sword toward the doubt, about dancing ourselves flexible,” he says.

The video is choreographed and performed by Laura Peterson, a contemporary dancer and a collaborator of LUMBEROB’s for over fifteen years. “MAYBELLE”  is very different from other projects; Laura says it is “more vulnerable, there was no place to hide.” Once the song begins, the direction of the video is committed to one camera, one shot.

“Barnacles are sessile, meaning they lack a means of self-locomotion,” says Rob. “The ‘MAYBELLE’  video juxtaposes these busy barnacles dancing with their feathery feeding appendages against the static, monolithic Manhattan bridge as seen from the rooftop of 68 Jay in DUMBO. Laura has always wanted to create a dance on the roof of her studio. ‘MAYBELLE‘  is a song about movement, about connection, about both loss and discovery.”

“Her performance is personal, and I appreciate the honesty,” Rob continues. “It’s a dance that supports the listening and perhaps challenges our ability to sit still and really watch. Of course, Catherine McRae’s manual arpeggiator violin work and Kramer’s vibrant mix make it impossible for me to sit still — I can’t help but bounce. This is what I truly mean by FANCY BOUNCING — an elegant vibrancy.”

LUMBEROB ‘Hunter Gather’ album artwork

LUMBEROB ‘Hunter Gather’ album artwork

HUNTER GATHER Track Listing:

1. collapse
2. dance away
3. huntgather
4. mouthmoon my genre
5. steamwork
6. folkgesture
7. goodness knows
8. deliciously
9. maybelle

1. love is mine
2. my goth acquaintance
3. blanket pardon
4. slow-mo
5. slam into the sky
6. nobody mind
7. dark swimmer
8. jump sweet
9. you’ll never know

Digital Only – Bonus Tracks
1. germination
2. fuzzy pickle
3. once upon
4. antlion

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