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Halflives Release Their New Single “jealous.”

With their huge UK and European tour underway, Halflives have unleashed a brand new single which is perhaps their catchiest song to date.




With their huge UK and European tour underway, Halflives have unleashed a brand new single, which is perhaps their catchiest song to date. “jealous.” is full of undeniable vocal hooks, fantastic bass lines, and a chorus that will wedge into your brain so firmly you’ll need a locksmith to get it out.

To accompany the wonderful new single, Linda Battilani, Halflives mastermind, takes things to new places with the “jealous.” music video. Equal parts spooky, fun and quirky, let’s just say you wouldn’t want to get on Linda’s bad side after seeing this video!

Battilani says of “jealous.”:

“‘jealous.’ is the perfect example that songwriting doesn’t have to have any boundaries.
While I was writing it I was feeling that something out of my ordinary was about to happen and I didn’t force this one in any comfortable space. On the contrary I followed the flow and let it happen and here it is. Lyric wise it was very fun to write, once I unlocked the first idea for the chorus, which was a simple “okay, fine”, all the rest of the ideas started pouring and I wrapped them up in one afternoon (I love when this happens!). I’m very proud of how it turned out and it’s one step forward in my “adulthood” as a songwriter.

“When I have to describe how this song sounds like or what it makes me feel I say “it’s the perfect soundtrack for a villain!

“The song clearly talks about jealousy, and it takes a hypothetical situation to an extremely drastic and dark point. I loved crafting a crazy character, doing drastic deeds to get rid of a rival in love. It was very fun to picture in my head and it was even more fun to portray all this in a music video!”

Halflives kicked off the UK/European tour in Manchester on February 29 before concluding in London for their biggest London headlining show so far on March 2. They will embark on the EU leg in Paris on March 4.

With streams of their songs clocking up in the millions, the demand to see Halflives fantastic live show has never been higher. Having played shows with the likes of Against The Current, Yours Truly and Halocene in recent years, the time has finally come for Halflives to, once again, be the headline act.

Tour Dates:

March 4th – Paris, France – La Boule Noire – Low Ticket Alert
March 5th – Antwerp, Belgium – Kavka
March 6th – Haarlem, Netherlands – Patronaat – SOLD OUT
March 8th – Cologne, Germany – MTC – Low Ticket Alert
March 9th – Hamburg, Germany – Hebebünhe – Low Ticket Alert
March 11th – Berlin, Germany – Badehaus
March 12th – Frankfurt, Germany – Nachtleben
March 13th – Munich, Germany – Backstage
March 14th – Budapest, Hungary – Durer Kurt
March 16th – Prague, Czech Republic – Cafe V Lese – Low Ticket Alert

Halflives ‘Inferno’ album artwork

Halflives ‘Inferno’ album artwork