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Dawson Fuss Premieres His Children’s Book-Inspired EP ‘Maybe’

Dawson Fuss’ amalgam of pop and alt-rock surfaces sounds like it’s made of authentic emotions and polished with vulnerability.



Dawson Fuss, photo by Serena Chen
Dawson Fuss, photo by Serena Chen

Two years in the making, indie-pop/alternative artist Dawson Fuss introduces his new EP, Maybe, whose title track was produced by multi-platinum producer Teal Douville. Maybe was inspired by a story from a children’s book that Fuss’ father read to him – Zen Shorts by Jon J. Muth.

Fuss explains:

“It was one of my dad’s favorite stories to read to me because he always wanted me to make the most of every situation, good or bad, and that’s what the song is about. It’s a Chinese farmer fable where all these things happen that may be good or bad luck, depending on one’s perspective. Every situation we face can be seen as good or bad, depending on how we respond to it. It’s the ultimate expression of the glass half full, glass half empty idea.”

A sophomore in the Modern Artist Development and Entrepreneurship (MADE) program at the prestigious Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, Fuss will release an emotionally charged, autobiographical 9-minute short film he co-directed on March 1. The film chronicles his growing up in Santa Barbara and his relationship with his father, as well as his getting a tattoo of ‘Maybe’ on his shoulder while explaining the philosophical implications of the word.

The title track opens on light, wavering tones, followed by Fuss’ pensive, evocative voice, imbuing the lyrics with feelings lying somewhere between wishful and apprehensive. The bridge elevates the song to the contagious chorus, where Fuss conveys his bemused response to the mysterious ambiguity of life.

“Maybe it’s just part of life / And maybe that makes it okay / Maybe they call it goodbye / Cuz maybe it’s harder to stay / Maybe, maybe.”

Of the other four tracks on the EP, produced by Jaron Crespi and James October, high points include “Growing Pains,” with its gentle, poignant intro that mousses up to heavy layers of rock dynamics. The ebb and rise of the tune and Fuss’ expressive vocals shape an enticing appeal that is hard to resist.

Drenched in darker hues of anguish, revealing the ache of a broken heart, “Oblivious” burns with seething emotions. Weighty vocal harmonies emphasize the profound depth of love’s capacity to wound.

“You give me all your attention / Act like it’s only a friendship / Why would you torture me like this / Are you really that oblivious?”

Dawson Fuss’ amalgam of pop and alt-rock surfaces sounds like it’s made of authentic emotions and polished with vulnerability.

Maybe Track Listing:

1. Life Sucks
2. Say The Words
3. Growing Pains
4. Oblivious
5. Maybe

Dawson Fuss ‘Maybe’ [EP] album artwork

Dawson Fuss ‘Maybe’ [EP] album artwork

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