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Telling Secrets Drop Their Latest Single “Fall Behind”

Emo band Telling Secrets have released their new single, “Fall Behind,” which will be included on their 2024 full-length album.



Telling Secrets

Consisting of thrashing drums and unforgiving guitars, Telling Secrets released their new single, “Fall Behind,” a track which will play a massive part in the first calculated step of the band’s future.

The band was realized back in the pandemic of 2021 by sole architect Vik Kovacs. Their sound is driven by thunderous guitars, angelic vocals, and sinister, atmospheric synths. “Fall Behind” is no different and further enriches their emo-tinged modern rock sound.

Although the track will be officially released on October 27th, the track was actually written before Telling Secrets was even a concept. It has gone through various demo stages and re-recordings before finally being in its final form as we hear it today, with Kovacs calling it one of his best lyrical works to date.

Somewhat of a nomad musician, Kovacs was born in Budapest, Hungary, before growing up in the UK. He moved between London, Surrey, and Manchester and later travelled to Los Angeles. It is this eclectic experience, absorption of different cultures, and perhaps his own “reluctancy towards identifying with belonging somewhere” that makes Telling Secrets’ music so multi-faceted. His latest songs tackle a common theme about change and Kovacs’ experiences with “moving halfway across the world and the frustration with the process. This frustration summons a darkness within me, and I am releasing it.”


Kovacs’ musical roots are founded in technically challenging guitar solo performances (citing Led Zeppelin‘s IV as “the first album that I could not put down,” as well as Dying Is Your Latest Fashion by Escape the Fate). He has further expanded into songwriting, vocal performance, and music production over the years.

It’s been a long time coming for Kovacs to finally position Telling Secrets into the state he’s always imagined. Whilst in Manchester, he attended the Royal Northern College of Music for a bachelor’s degree in guitar performance with only seven places available per year, but he struggled to find the band members who could help bring his vision for Telling Secrets to life. That is until he formed an online friendship with Matt McAndrew (Rain City Drive and runner-up of The Voice 2014), who helped Kovacs reinvent himself as a vocalist.

“Fall Behind” will feature on their new full-length LP, due to release in early 2024. The LP will feature a music video made in collaboration with Industrial Films (Cradle of Filth, Black Veil Brides, 3TEETH) for their track “Full Moon.” The LP will also see vocal engineering from Rachel Blum (Christina Aguilera, Hozier, SZA) for tracks “Bad Dreams,” “Lullaby,” and “Fragile.” Blum also collaborated with Elliot Polokoff of Cemetery Sun on the song “Tired of Waiting,” with Polokoff working on some other upcoming tracks, too.

Telling Secrets “Fall Behind” album artwork

Telling Secrets “Fall Behind” album artwork