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Rebel Kicks Drop “Past Life” Ahead of ‘’ EP

Indie rockers Rebel Kicks have released the music video for “Past Life” ahead of the release of their ‘’ EP.



Rebel Kicks

On the heels of their debut TV performance on Good Day New York, NYC indie rock band Rebel Kicks have announced the upcoming release of their new EP, out Friday, December 8th. The band is celebrating the announcement with the release of its first single, “Past Life.” The song is an emotive exploration of the powerful connections humans make, inspired by the concept of soulmates and the intriguing red string theory.

The band shares:

“‘Past Life’ was inspired by the unexplainable feeling like you’ve known someone forever, but you’re only meeting them for the first time. It’s an exploration of the intangible, instant connection that sometimes happens between people, almost as if some invisible force has drawn you to each other.” serves as a testament to Rebel Kicks’ evolution as a band. This latest collection showcases their impeccable ability to meld genres and influence, from jazz, classic rock, to R&B, into a cohesive sound that’s distinctly their own.

The story of Rebel Kicks began when Anthony Babino walked into his younger brother Steven’s room and simply said, “Here is a bass and here is a setlist—we have a gig Friday.” Up until then, the brothers had been lifelong musicians, playing and singing harmony with their father, a professional jazz musician, but had yet to find their music. Anthony had a weekly residency doing mostly covers, and Steven hadn’t even figured out what instrument best suited him. The Babino brothers were far away from the distinctive and diversely accomplished musicians they have become.


Today, Anthony and Steven have emerged as Rebel Kicks, a rock-leaning, indie-pop band with an electronic twist. Over the years, they’ve released a series of hit tracks, some of which graced screens on MTV and Showtime. Their live performances, enhanced by their bandmates Daniel Bradley and Dorian Lake, have been nothing short of electric, as they’ve shared bills with artists like Foo Fighters, Blink-182, Mac Miller, Iggy Azalea, Incubus, and more.

Rebel Kicks ‘’ album artwork

Rebel Kicks ‘’ album artwork

Tour Dates:

11/03 – The Cutting Room – New York, NY
05/04 – The Red Room @ Cafe 939 – Boston, MA Track Listing:

1. The Girl in Barcelona
2. Past Life
3. Flowering Dogwood
4. Feel Good
5. Save It For A Rainy Day