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Open Studio Confirms Release of New Album ‘Peter Martin & Generation S’

Online jazz educator Open Studio have announced their new record ‘Peter Martin & Generation S,’ due for release on December 3rd.



Peter Martin and Generation S, photo by Amy Schromm

Open Studio, long recognized as the vanguard of online jazz education, is setting yet another milestone with the announcement of Peter Martin & Generation S. The album, slated for release on December 1st, is not just another jazz record. It embodies a bold experiment in music-making. The entire recording was executed live at Open Studio’s St. Louis base and, in an unprecedented move, was live-streamed to a global audience, melding traditional recording techniques with the immediacy and reach of modern technology.

This daring approach exemplifies Open Studio’s commitment to pushing boundaries. The platform’s rapid growth is a testament to its ability to continuously redefine the experience of jazz, both in education and performance.

To celebrate today’s announcement, Open Studio has released the album’s first single, “Groove Echo Chamber.” This track encapsulates the energy and innovation of the album, offering listeners a taste of the unique blend of classic jazz rhythms and contemporary influences that define the new quartet, Generation S.

Peter Martin, the renowned pianist and founder of Open Studio, is at the helm of this groundbreaking endeavour. Martin’s credentials, ranging from collaborations with jazz elites like Wynton Marsalis and Dianne Reeves to his innovative online instruction methods, make him a fitting figure to lead such a revolutionary project.


Joining him in this live musical odyssey are:

Reuben Rogers on bass: His rich bass lines, honed from years of performing with jazz luminaries like Charles Lloyd, provide a solid foundation for the ensemble.

Gregory Hutchinson on drums: Hutchinson, known for his eclectic beats with icons like Betty Carter and Diana Krall, brings rhythmic precision.

Sarah Hanahan on sax: Hanahan, a notable name having shared stages with the likes of the Mingus Big Band, adds a fresh, dynamic layer with her saxophone.

Open Studio ‘Peter Martin and Generation S’ album artwork

Open Studio ‘Peter Martin and Generation S’ album artwork

The live nature of the album also extends to the visual. Artist Cbabi Bayoc, in tandem with the musicians, painted the album’s artwork in real-time, capturing the essence of the evening. Accompanying the album’s launch, Open Studio is offering a course detailing Peter’s composition journey. This continues their ethos of blending the art and education of jazz, making the creative process accessible to all.

Peter Martin & Generation S Track Listing:


1. Generation S
2. That’s What’s Up
3. Path Adjacent
4. Groove Echo Chamber
5. Gratitude In Motion
6. Abstract Courage
7. Alfred T
8. Finding Our Infinity