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A Moment of Peace with Solbore’s New Single and Video, “Overlooked”

Ambient singer-songwriter Solbore has released the music video for “Overlooked,” from his latest record ‘Never Alone, Often Lonely.’




A sense of stillness and peace descends with “Overlooked,” the third single from Czech-Argentinean producer Solbore. Warbling synths and pulsing textures wash over in waves, lulling the listener into a state of calm. But the respite feels momentary, with a sense of tension still hovering in the background, waiting for a chance to break through.

Solbore explains:

“This was the song that really kicked off this project. It came to me after a period of instability and turbulence. The pandemic was in full swing, I’d just come out of a long-term relationship, and I wasn’t able to walk thanks to a knee injury. But I remember feeling at peace for the first time in a long while. I sat down and this track just flowed out of me over a two or three hour period.”

Overlooked calls to mind the shimmering soundscapes of Chihei Hatakeyama, and the vulnerability of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s minimalist compositions. Like the rest of Solbore’s upcoming album, Never Alone, Often Lonely, the piece is a meditation on change and impermanence, tinged with melancholy and punctuated by moments of wonder.

The accompanying music video was shot in the snow-clad forests of Bulgaria. It centers on a beautifully uninhibited contemporary dance performance from Emphis, who flows as gracefully as the piece itself. The scene opens with warm, morning light streaking the trunks of a pine forest and illuminating the snow beneath, beautifully mirroring the song’s sense of respite after a period of turmoil.


“Overlooked” is the third single from Solbore’s upcoming album, Never Alone, Often Lonely. The album was released on October 26th via Rainbow Bridge Records.

Solbore ‘Never Alonem Often Lonely’ album artwork

Solbore ‘Never Alonem Often Lonely’ album artwork

Solbore “Overlooked” single artwork

Solbore “Overlooked” single artwork