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The Bankes Brothers Release “C’est La Vie”; Third Single from ‘In Waves’ EP

The Bankes Brothers are readying the release of their debut ‘In Waves’ EP, a six-track collection of songs spilling over with catchy melodies.



The Bankes Brothers, photo by Brandon Fletcher

Victoria, BC four-piece The Bankes Brothers – brothers Nelson and Morgan Bankes on vocals and guitar, lead guitarist Carson Cleaver, and drummer Gray Oxley – are readying the release of their debut In Waves EP, a six-track shot of dopamine spilling over with irresistibly catchy melodies, exhilarating vocals, and joyous indie-rock instrumentation which drops in 2024.

Produced and recorded by indie legend Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat, The Zolas, Mounties), In Waves culminates the band’s wide-ranging influences in a way that defies sonic parallels yet remains welcomingly familiar.

The group remarks on a track from the EPm, stating:

“C’est La Vie almost never came to be. We went into the studio with it on a shortlist, and felt like it was missing something, but the bones felt good. Literally the morning before we recorded it, we miraculously found the missing pieces and were too stoked not to get into the studio and do the song after that!

C’est La Vie,” the third single to be shared, drew inspiration from artists like Paul Simon Graceland, Talking Heads, and Little Joy to take on more of a Lo-fi character that helps distinguish the song in the collection. The Bankes Brothers approached the lyrics with a more phonetic approach to tell a story that also gets listeners moving. The songwriting gives room for the listener to craft their own meaning and interpretation on this one.

The Bankes Brothers ‘C'est La Vie’ single artwork

The Bankes Brothers ‘C’est La Vie’ single artwork

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