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Ni Shares Single “Zerkon” and Stunning Music Video

Ni’s amazing new single “Zerkon” is here! The most unclassifiable of Lyon, France quartets is back. Available on all DSPs.



Ni, photo by Oofzos

Ni’s amazing new single, “Zerkon,” is here! The most unclassifiable of Lyon, France quartets (including members of L’Effondras, Poil, and PinioL) is back. This new song anticipates the release of Fol Naïs, the band’s third album, to be released December 1st via Dur & Doux.

Noise, metal, math rock, and free jazz collide in this exercise in impertinence. And there’s plenty of it in this opus, with each track named after the jesters of various historical royal figures. “Zerkon” is in typical Ni style. Melodic colours, with the use of a harmonic mode dear to the band. They play around with chromaticism, making the picture much darker.

The bass ostinato, for example, comes to the fore during the sound improvisation that marks this track. As for rhythm, Ni takes malicious pleasure in losing their audience with quick changes of flow. It’s like a tribute to the character of Zercon, the jester of Attila, leader of the Huns, who has been described as a stammerer.

Yet a regular pulse does exist, albeit disguised by numerous devices. The first riff, with its metal features, closes the first part and leads into an obsessive, psychedelic improvisation. What better way to discover this new single than with a music video that breathes live music and makes you want to be run over by Ni? A foretaste of the band’s forthcoming concerts, in all their authenticity.

Ni ‘Fol Naïs’ album artwork

Ni ‘Fol Naïs’ album artwork

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