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Tove Lo Brings Grunge and Pop to Boston’s Roadrunner with UPSAHL [Photos]

Tove Lo and UPSAHL took over Roadrunner in Boston, MA, on Tuesday with dark and grunge pop songs about love, sex, and drugs.



Tove Lo on September 12, 2023, photo by Kenzie Magnan

Tove Lo and UPSAHL took over Roadrunner in Boston, MA, on Tuesday with dark and grunge pop songs about love, sex, and drugs. The venue was full of attendees in minimal clothing and maximal glitter. Tove Lo, who is openly bisexual, drew a heavily LGBTQ-identifying crowd. Tove Lo has no fear of expressing her sexuality and has a way of making her fans feel extremely comfortable in doing so as well. As a member of the LGBTQ community, the crowd felt overwhelmingly welcoming and safe. The vibe was immaculate, but the performance was even better.

UPSAHL started the night off strong, singing her famous hit “Drugs” shortly into the set. I will say I didn’t know much about UPSAHL prior to the evening, but I was blown away. She did not stop moving the entire set, and her high energy infected the crowd. While singing “WET WHITE TEE SHIRT,” she poured water all over her white crop top, and her fans went crazy for it. I could not imagine a better opening act for Tove Lo. Their music is incredibly similar in content, and no doubt they have an overlapping fan base. I walked away a huge fan and even had the opportunity to speak to her briefly after her set, where she was incredibly kind and approachable.

After the magic that was UPSAHL’s set, I couldn’t imagine what Tove Lo was about to deliver. The set was covered in clouds, and Tove Lo entered the stage in a gold bodice. Her look was very Greek goddess as she began her set with fan-favorite “Pineapple Slices.” After her first five songs, she disappeared behind stage before coming back out in a tight and revealing pink body suit to sing her hit “Talking Body.” She danced like crazy through each song before reaching “Moments,” which she sang acoustically. She ended the set with “True Disaster” before pausing for the encore and changing into a futuristic warrior-esque black bodysuit. 


Her encore consisted of “Stranger,” which was again sung acoustically, “Habits (Stay High),” her viral hit, and finally, “No One Dies From Love.” Tove Lo’s staging and outfits were incredible. The crowd was crazy from start to finish, and the energy was so high. It felt very much like going to the nightclub with your closest friends and having a ball.

The Dirt Femme tour was everything I could have hoped for as a Tove Lo fan. For those who love to dance and rave, this one was an absolute joy. There are only a few shows left to catch on this tour, so if you’re in any of the remaining cities ( Austin, LA, and Santa Ana), make sure you check this one out!