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Taylor Pearlstein Shares “Sandman” Single from Upcoming EP ‘Perfect Blue’

Taylor Pearlstein shares the ethereal single “Sandman,” the first single from the forthcoming EP ‘Perfect Blue.’



Taylor Pearlstein

Taylor Pearlstein shares the first single from the forthcoming EP Perfect Blue. “Sandman” is an ethereal work reminiscent of the intricate sounds of artists such as Weyes Blood and Phoebe Bridgers. “Sandman” is out now on all DSPs!

Pearlstein says this of the track:

“We start with ‘Sandman,’ asking for the comfort of a lie.”

Perfect Blue tells a disorienting story of self-delusion, reality weaving, and over-romanticizing to the edge of our own destruction and misery. This five-track EP wastes no time diving deep into our dark desire to be wanted, purely and perfectly. With intentionally oversaturated and distorted orchestration shifted against an exposing reality, we struggle to parse what is real from fabrication.

Taylor Pearlstein

Taylor Pearlstein


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