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Tea Eater Unleashes New Single “Fuck the DMV”

Tea Eater, NYC art punk band release their latest single, “Fuck the DMV” inspired by the experience of a wrongfully suspended license.



Tea Eater, photo by Michelle Lobianco

Tea Eater, NYC art-punk band fronted by Tarra Thiessen of Gustaf and Sharkmuffin, didn’t expect to create an anthem that would unite the nation, but that’s what they’ve accomplished with their latest single. Titled “Fuck the DMV,” the song touches on a universally shared sentiment: The Department of Motor Vehicles is truly the worst.

Inspired by Thiessen’s experience of the DMV wrongfully suspending her license during the COVID lockdown, “Fuck the DMV” captures the frustrating journey of discovering whether her license was actually suspended or not. The music video was directed, shot, and edited by Emily Hughston using a 360-degree camera, features Thiessen psychedelically glitching in and out of the DMV, taking her driver’s test (with bandmates Vram Kherlopian and Lindsey Ann Lawless as DMV employees), and having her license photo taken in front of the iconic Florida DMV sign that reads, “If you want a better picture, bring a better face.”

This single marks the second release from Tea Eater’s upcoming debut LP, Obsession, which was recorded in the summer of 2021 at Chase Park Transduction Studios in Athens, GA. The album was produced by Drew Vandenburg (Bambara/Faye Webster/Of Montreal) and features Thiessen on guitar and vocals, Vram Kherlopian on bass, and Alex Tuisku on drums. Thiessen’s vocals were produced by Vanessa Silberman at A Diamond Heart Production in Brooklyn NY.

Tea Eater "Fuck The DMV" single artwork

Tea Eater “Fuck The DMV” single artwork