Boston, MA metalcore outfit Late 9 has enlisted the Australian up-and-comers Patient Sixty-Seven for their latest offering “Breathe For Me,” out August 25th.

Hot off the heels of their latest single “Repeated Apology,” which exploded on TikTok and Instagram, Late 9 is wasting no time to keep their attention at an all-time high. With its driving instrumentation and relatable lyricism, “Breathe For Me” is a powerhouse collaboration between two bands rightfully considered to be the next wave of staples in the metalcore scene.

Vocalists Kyle Farrar and Patient Sixty-Seven’s Tom Kiely deliver an engaging back-and-forth dynamic throughout its entirety, that, when matched with the layered atmosphere and superior production, makes it one of the most memorable releases of the year.

In today’s musical landscape, cultivating a community around your music is essential to standing out amongst the crowd, and Late 9 has embodied that wholeheartedly.

Farrar comments:

“We started releasing music back in 2020, pushing the very important message that our songs are highly revolved around mental health and substance abuse awareness. With every high there is a low and vice versa, that’s why our songs consist of both aspects lyrically. Nothing can be perfect, but we want each track to end with a light at the end of the tunnel – that is what Late 9 is all about. Living hopeful, and strong, and prevailing through the lows, to live to see the highs – one big family!”

Patient Sixty-Seven are no stranger to collaborating with musical acts from across the globe, having recently worked with the likes of Tired Violence and VRSTY, but Kiely’s excitement to work with Late 9 is undeniable. “When they hit me up to be apart of ‘Breathe for Me’, I was so excited,” says Kiely. “I love how bouncy and heavy the track is, and I’m just stoked we can link up from across the world! Super grateful they let me hop on and scream my lungs out with them!” Check out the Late 9 and Patient Sixty-Seven collab for “Breathe For Me,” Here.

Late 9 “Breathe For Me” (ft. Patient Sixty-Seven) single artwork
Late 9 “Breathe For Me” (ft. Patient Sixty-Seven) single artwork

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