Ben Hazlewood returns with a brand new track entitled “Chemical Roulette,” alongside an accompanying music video. Check out the latest single on your favourite streaming platform now.

Speaking on his new single and its inspiration, Hazlewood remarks:

“I could argue it was all a highly scientific experiment to create new neurological pathways; to bend and mould my mind into a new way of thinking. Or, call it what it was; a bender of epic degree, one in which I was crushed, then rebuilt, shattered and swept up. I hit the basement floor of pain and the highest heights of happiness.”

He continues, stating:

“Whatever way I justify this time in my life… Chemical roulette is a game just as dangerous as it’s Russian counterpart, but far more fun, and with this celebratory song of survival as memento of the best parts.”

Earlier this summer, Hazlewood shared another brand new track entitled “Hallucinations,” his first new offering since the release of his 2020 LP, Bloodline. Stay tuned for more from Ben Hazlewood coming soon.

Ben Hazlewood “Chemical Roulette” single artwork
Ben Hazlewood “Chemical Roulette” single artwork

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