Boston-based heavy metal group, Officer X has unveiled their latest single and cosmic, animated music video, “Moon Man.” The single follows last fall’s debut single “Lady Soledad,” the first cut from the group that is vocalist and guitarist Rodrigo van Stoli (Bang Camaro, Gymnasium) and bassist and vocalist Peet Golan (Spring Heeled Jack),

Commenting on the tune, van Stoli states:

“I wrote the lyrics after reading The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall, an 1835 short story by Edgar Allan Poe. It’s about a businessman from Rotterdam who runs into all kinds of trouble with clients and creditors, and decides to build a balloon and escape to the moon. The lyrics take that as a launchpad. There are lots of references to the original story in the lyrics – the whole trip took 19 days, for example. Once the idea took shape it all became more abstract, and like most of my lyrics it was more about words that sounded good and worked with the music.”

Golan adds some colour, noting:

“Rod came in with the initial riff, and we started turning it inside out, upside down and dissecting it all. Our first couple of songs were epic and long, so we wanted to make this one fast, short, and sweet. Once we had the music sorted out, Rod came in with melodies and lyrics – and boom!”

Artwork for the single “Moon Man” by Officer X

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