The Skinny: On April 1, 2016 Disturbed played to a sold out crowd at one of Baltimore’s top concert venues, Baltimore Soundstage. The packed crowd’s energy level was cranked to a 10 and, after the group’s 5 year hiatus, their fans’ pent up energy was bursting at the seams. The entire venue chanted “We want Disturbed! We want Disturbed!” for a solid 10 minutes before they took the stage to “10,000 Fists.”

For a full hour and a half, Disturbed took their fans on a journey across all their favorite songs from their entire catalog. They even wove in a number of covers from bands such as U2, The Who, and Rage Against the Machine. Throughout the show, you could feel everyone anxiously awaiting the band to break into the “Sound of Silence” and, midway through the show, Disturbed slowed down the pace and delivered! You could look around the room and see the emotions that song carries written across each person’s face. From that point forward, each track turned the energy level up to a until Disturbed finally closed the show with, fan favorite, “Down with the Sickness.”

Special thanks to Mike O’Brien of Soundstage for helping us obtain permission to photograph the show!