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The Skinny: In the suburbs of Somewhere, USA, a young boy began a semi-reclusive love affair with music. Delving into genres as diverse as pop, black metal, and the classics of rock and pop of the 60’s and 70’s, Devin Ballard began soaking up the diverse styles and experiencing the artistry of hundreds of musicians. He became fluent in the language of music; fully understanding the story a good song is capable of telling, even instrumentally.

He picked up his axe and began to tell the stories of his teenage angst and experiences with the voices of six nickel-plated strings. Using an old walkman voice recorder, he started a collection of these ideas and finally decided that he needed the collaboration of other musicians to make his ideas whole. Band members came and went, and finally the right people walked into the practice space; people who had enjoyed some of the same musical experiences, and with some influences of their own. James Phillips, an old school friend and Cartyr Thomas, a nearby singer, teamed with Devin to create a successful high school rock band called Coldsun.

Like all things in high school, the band proved to be temporary when all four members pursued different life paths, continuing their musical ventures with side projects. As time passed, James, Cartyr, and Devin realized how special their musical connection had been and have since joined forces once more to create an unforgettable, home-hitting sound. Almost exactly four years after the demise of Coldsun, the trio was repentant of their time spent apart and ready to release an EP under the new name, Chainangel. Despite the rarity of the band’s level of connection with the medium, the sounds are guaranteed to hit home with listeners on multiple levels. The debut EP, The Providence Sessions, is now available.


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