Part 2


Last week both veteran and upcoming Metal artists talked about some of their all-time favorite album covers and the long lasting impressions and influences that many of those visuals have imprinted on them. Today, we keep exploring this subject and asked another slew of mighty metal musicians: “What’s your all-time favorite Rock/Metal album cover artwork and why?” Let’s see how they answered…

December 15th in a gymnasium of an elementary school in Gatineau Quebec! This is part Two of the Callahan interview. In this addition we talked a lot about one of Paul’s (Callahan’s drummer) best friends Chris Wynne. Who appears touring with Protest The Hero, in the “Cheese and Cracker’s” videos, which Rody Walker of Protest made and also hes in a few of Protest’s videos. We also talked about Rody Walker of Protest the Hero’s contribution to the record when he sang over the bridge of Zombie Walk/Cellphone Talk. Thanks so much for watching!