math metal


Budapest, the capital and largest city of Hungary, happens to also be home to a five-piece metal band with an equally impressive and large sound, Omega Diatribe. Currently promoting their 10 track full-length album, IAPETUS, which dropped on October 21st of 2013, the band meld elements of groove, math, and psychedelic to form music that just begs to be heard. We caught up with lead guitarist Gergő Hájer to ask about his Agile 727 Septor Custom guitar and how if impacted the band’s latest release.

Math metal/mathcore group For Sleeping or Jumping are gearing up to drop their new Ben Weinman co-produced EP, Dead Languages on May 15th. Weiman, mastermind behind the Dillinger Escape Plan, might have helped with production duties, but he also performed some instrumentation on the new effort. Said Weinman of the band: “For Sleeping or Jumping couldn’t be a better band name at a better time in music.” Well Ben, we couldn’t agree more and that’s why we’re super-pleased to offer this stream of the first single “Beardrops”.