macabre eternal


After an agonizing 16 year wait, legendary death metal pioneers Autopsy are back with a new full-length release, Macabre Eternal. From the very moment I turned this on, I was reminded why this band have always been held in such high regard by those in the business; these guys know how to crank out some serious death metal. Autopsy doesn’t miss a beat and Macabre Eternal seems to pick up exactly where they left off years ago.

California Bay Area death metal pioneer Autopsy has partnered up with Stereogum.com’s “Haunting The Chapel” to premiere a brand new track “Hand Of Darkness” from the band’s long-awaited fifth studio album ‘Macabre Eternal’. “Hand Of Darkness”, the opening track from ‘Macabre Eternal’, is just the second song to be revealed from Autopsy’s forthcoming musical bloodbath.