Heavy Metal video hub MetalInjection.net is hosting an exclusive premiere of Clandestine’s new video for their song “Disappear in You”. The video will premiere on the front page of MetalInjection.net starting today. At the helm of the video making his directorial debut was Thomas Meyer. Guitarist Dan Durakovich is stoked about the release and premiere of Clandestine’s new video: “Friends and fans have been waiting some time for this thing to come to fruition and finally, here it is.

Bloody-Disgusting.com is hosting an exclusive premiere of the track “Fracture” from Clandestine’s debut album ‘The Invalid’. The album will be out on February 15th on Nightmare Records. Guitarist Dan Durakovich said the following about “Fracture”: “What’s up Bloody Disgusting? ‘Fracture’ is one of our favourite songs to play so we’re happy to give you and your readers the chance to check it out first.”