The Hives Bring Their Swedish Swagger to Leeds O2 Academy [Photos]

The coolest band out of Sweden, The Hives, brought their swagger to Leeds O2 Academy and you can check out the photos here…



The Hives, photo by Mikee Downes Photography

Let’s face it, you and I will never be as cool as The Hives. For just over three decades, the Fagersta, Sweden rock ‘n’ rollers have been wowing crowds all over the world with their high-energy shows and razor-sharp dress sense.

Arriving in Leeds to kick off their twelve date UK tour, the band brought with them that familiar Swedish sass and swagger and a stack of rock ‘n’ roll anthems. Touring in support of their 2023 album, The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons, the sixth album of their career, the Swedes kicked their set off with album opener “Bogus Operandi” airing seven tracks in total from the critically-acclaimed album.

The rest of the set saw the band plunge into their back catalogue including cuts like “Take Back The Toys” from their fifth album, Lex Hives before heading back even further for cuts like their chart-denting 2007 single “Tick Tick Boom” which brought the high-flying set to an end and “Die, All Right!” from their 2000 album, Veni Vidi Vicious.

We sent our photographer Mikee Downes along to catch the coolest band in rock in full flow. Check out his gallery and the set-list from the show here.

Set List:

1. Bogus Operandi
2. Main Offender
3. Take Back the Toys
4. Two Kinds of Trouble
5. Rigor Mortis Radio
6. Walk Idiot Walk
7. Good Samaritan
8. Go Right Ahead
9. Stick Up
10. Hate to Say I Told You So
11. Trapdoor Solution
12. I’m Alive
13. Bigger Hole to Fill
14. Die, All Right!
15. Smoke & Mirrors
16. Won’t Be Long
17. Countdown to Shutdown
18. Come On!
19. Try It Again
20. Tick Tick Boom


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