Fletcher Encourages Self-Expression at Sold-Out Manchester Victoria Warehouse [Photos]

Fletcher encourages self-expression at Manchester Victoria Warehouse gig. Check out the photos and review here…



Fletcher, photo by Graham Finney Photography

Last time Fletcher was in Manchester she was supporting emo superstars Panic! At The Disco on their final ever show at the AO Arena in Manchester. A popular choice of support then and, given that her headlining return to the city was upgraded to the much bigger Victoria Warehouse, her popularity has continued to grow.

In town supporting her recently-released new album, In Search of the Antidote, it’s easy to see why the singer is such a hit with this primarily younger audience. Taking to the stage on a raised platform, video screens flash out various message including “Crazy Bitch” as the set kicks off with “Maybe I Am”.

An icon throughout the queer community, Fletcher takes time out to promote her shows being a safe space for her crowd to be themselves. One look around the packed room and you can feel the love pouring to and from the stage.

As for the songs, Fletcher’s set list is packed with raw, emotional tracks like “Serial Heartbreaker” as well as new album tracks like “Ego Talking”, each song using a wall of screens to add a powerful visual element to the show.

V13 was at the show in Manchester and you can check out the gallery below after you’ve checked out Fletcher’s set-list:

Set List:

1. Maybe I Am
2. Sting
3. Serial Heartbreaker
4. Attached to You
5. Ego Talking
6. Shh…Don’t Say It
7. If I Hated You
8. girls girls girls
9. Guess We Lied…
10. Bitter
11. Joyride
12. Crush
13. All Love
14. Undrunk
15. Lead Me On
16. Eras of Us
17. Antidote
18. Doing Better
19. Becky’s So Hot
20. Becky’s So Hot (acoustic)


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