Paloma Faith Puts on Empowering Performance at York’s Barbican Theatre [Photos]

Pop powerhouse Paloma Faith has a newfound fire burning inside her. V13 witnessed her storming perfomance in York on her latest UK tour…



Paloma Faith, photo by Graham Finney Photography

Following her divorce prior to the release of her latest album, The Glorification of Sadness, it feels like British pop powerhouse Paloma Faith has been reborn. Heading out on a huge UK tour, v13 caught the show as it rolled into the York Barbican theatre, where Paloma Faith stormed through two individual sets to the delight of this fiercely supportive crowd.

Now, a familiar visitor to these parts whenever she is on tour, a reviewer questioned in a review dating back nearly a decade, whether Faith had reached the pinnacle of her success. Well, ten years later and watching the singer striding confidently around the stage, it would seem that ten years ago, she was just getting started. “How You Leave A Man” and the absolutely gargantuan anthem “God In A Dress” see Paloma both flexing her muscles and simulating a pistol with her fingers. To anyone doubting her new attitude to life, she couldn’t have made things clearer.

Lit with a single spot, there is no mistaking who the star of the show is, and all eyes are glued to Paloma as she storms through reflective yet nonetheless anthemic tracks like “Divorce”, “Picking Up The Pieces” and “Cry on the Dance Floor”. From the minute she emerged on the scene, Paloma Faith has been a force to be reckoned with in British pop. However, she showed tonight with her army of fans alongside her at the York Barbican that, in 2024, Paloma Faith has dusted off her pop crown and is storming back to the top. Just don’t stand in her way.


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