The Good Dudes Pay Homage With “Rock With You”



The Good Dudes

The Good Dudes, known for their unique blend of old-school blues and modern rock, are back with a fresh take on a timeless classic. Their latest single, “Rock with You,” pays homage to the king of pop, Michael Jackson, while infusing their own electrifying energy into the mix.

Recorded during the sessions for their debut album Ready for It, “Rock with You” captures the essence of The Good Dudes’ live performances—a high-octane experience that leaves audiences captivated. According to the band, the song strikes a balance between honoring Jackson’s original masterpiece and injecting their signature rock vibe.

In their own words,

“We found the balance between paying homage to the king of pop, while also putting our own touch on it . . . It’s definitely a more electrified version of the song, a bit more rockin’.”

Known for their dynamic live shows, The Good Dudes have garnered a loyal following throughout the southeast with their infectious energy and powerhouse performances. From sold-out theaters to music festivals like Festival International de Louisiane, the band continues to leave their mark, one electrifying performance at a time.

Listen to “Rock With You” by The Good Dudes below—now streaming everywhere.

“Rock With You” by The Good Dudes


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