Cirque Du Soleil OVO Takes Leeds Fans on a Unique, Unforgettable Journey [Photos]

Cirque Du Soleil take over Leeds First Direct Arena taking audiences into the magical world of OVO. Check out the photos here…



Cirque Du Soleil, photo by Graham Finney Photography

Having attended several Cirque Du Soleil shows over the past few years and been lucky enough to go behind the scenes (check out more of that here), I have to say that, if you’re a fan of any form of live entertainment, you have to catch one Cirque show in your lifetime.

Magical, hypnotic, jaw-dropping, comical, and completely bonkers, Cirque Du Soleil shows have it all neatly packaged into two mind-blowing hours. OVO is no different. A tale where the audience is taken into the insect kingdom, OVO is a truly stunning experience. Exploring the circle of life through the insect world, OVO takes the viewer on its unique journey of discovery.

Through the use of breathtaking theatrics, sense-tingling visuals and a dash of that madcap Cirque humour, the two hours simply fly by. However, it’s not just the incredible theatrics or the crazy humour which makes Cirque such an inspiring experience. The attention to detail is also second to none. From the insect costumes, the visuals, the soundtrack, and every minute aspect of this show is crafted to precision and then flawlessly executed by a cast of highly-trained athletes and performers.

Of course, it’s also completely bonkers, but if you’ve attended any Cirque show, you’ll know that this comes with the territory. The audience interaction also draws the crowds of fans into this unique story in a way that no other theatrical performance could. All packaged together, young or old, Cirque Du Soleil’s OVO is a show you’ll walk away from having had a truly unforgettable experience.

Do yourself a favour: Should the Cirque Du Soleil circus roll into your town or city in the coming months, grab yourself a ticket. You won’t regret it.


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