Rising Canadian Artist KASIA Releases Her New Single “Heartstrings”

British Columbia-based dance-pop artist Kasia has released her brand new single “Heartstrings” and its accompanying music video.



KASIA, photo by Karolina Turek Photography

Canadian electronic music artist and producer KASIA is celebrating the music video release for her current single, “Heartstrings.” The video is now available on YouTube.

Written and produced by the Vancouver-based artist, “Heartstrings” has a foundational sound in the house genre but is infused with bass house and pop elements while being enveloped in an ethereal house ambiance. Its catchy, uplifting atmosphere is punctuated by heavy synth drops and honesty in its lyrics.

KASIA says:

“The genesis of ‘Heartstrings’ comes from my own experiences of navigating the aftermath of an abusive relationship. Songwriting became my sanctuary, and creating melodies and verses was spiritually healing. For this song, I wanted to create a feeling of empowerment and a cathartic connection with the audience. For the video, I aimed to visually encapsulate the journey of resilience and self-discovery, weaving a tapestry of emotions that mirrors the transformative power of reclaiming one’s narrative.”

“Heartstrings” comes after a series of breakthroughs for KASIA in her entry and subsequent rise as an artist and producer in the electronic music genre. A former synth pop artist and international model, KASIA started making her own electronic music in 2021 and through her first wave of singles, she has earned representation from 9MM LABEL, 404 Deep House Records, and Powher Sound. She has also formed new creative partnerships with the likes of The Funk Hunters, Jonathan Campbell of Twelve Twelve Music, and Sam Ryan of SOS Music. On stage, she hit a new milestone in 2023 as a performer at the Rifflandia Music Festival in her home province of British Columbia.

In continuing her momentum, “Heartstrings” also serves as the first release from KASIA’s debut 2024 album. It promises to offer similar spiritual and energizing rewards to those listeners who discover it. For more about KASIA, please visit


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