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Das Body – ‘True Vulture’ [Album Review]

Das Body is difficult to pigeonhole. Embracing everything from Scandi-pop to jazz to chic dance, it’s a sound innovative and diverse.



Das Body ‘True Vulture’ album artwork

After breaking through with their remarkable debut LP Peregrine in 2020, Oslo four-piece Das Body, fronted by Ellie Linden, releases their eagerly awaited sophomore album, True Vulture, produced by Erlend Mokkelbost.

Back in 2018, Das Body started off with a bang. After performing at Oslo’s Bylarm Festival, the band signed with U.S. label Luminelle Records, followed by releasing their self-titled debut EP. In 2019, they toured the U.S., performing over 20 shows, including a dazzling performance at SXSW.

With their debut album on the horizon, the Moirai of Greek mythology intervened – the pandemic arrived, everything stopped, and their record label went bust.

Rather than roll over and give up, Das Body marshaled their forces and released their debut album, Peregrine, on their own label, in 2020. The album took off, receiving a nomination for a Norwegian Grammy, along with beaucoup airplay. Das Body got back in the studio in 2023, laying down tracks for True Vulture.

Made up of Ellie Linden, Kim Granholt, Patrik Alm, and Didrik Karsrud, Das Body’s sound blends an array of stylistic threads, ranging from woozy electronics, soulful R&B, indie-pop, and edgy post-punk.

Encompassing ten tracks, True Vulture opens with “Ain’t got nothing for you,” rolling out on oozing synths riding crunching percussion. Linden’s sensual, crooning voice imbues the lyrics with delicious tones, residing between sensuality and sighing.

Entry points include “Ordah,” revealing elements of neo-noir dance music with tints of industrial textures. Dripping with wicked timbres, Linden struts her cat-on-a-hot-roof, tantalizing voice. Whereas “I could die young” would fit perfectly in a Nicolas Winding Refn film, with its gospel-lullaby feel and Linden’s haunting vocals.

The EDM surfaces of “No love will shine on me” conjure up suggestions of Kylie Minogue merged with the EurythmicsAnnie Lennox. Pulsating with an arrant driving force, the rhythm throbs with erotic momentum.

Das Body, photo courtesy of Das Body

A personal favorite because of its jazz flavors and Linden’s sighing, kittenish voice, “You leave no traces,” displays the scope of Das Body’s sound.

There’s an exotic ambiance to the intro of “Culture,” followed by the tune taking on distinct indie-pop tangs with hints of industrial dance music, giving it a bouncing flow. “Harmfully” ties the album off, focusing on Linden’s delectable, pure pleasure to listen to semi-chirruping vocals.

Das Body is difficult to pigeonhole. Embracing everything from Scandi-pop to jazz to chic dance, it’s a sound wonderfully innovative and diverse.

True Vulture Track Listing:

1. Ain’t got nothing for you
2. Ordah
3. Baby, you know I’m a stranger
4. I could die young
5. You look so pretty when you’re on your knees
6. No love will shine on me
7. You leave no traces
8. God won’t listen to bad prayers
9. Culture
10. Harmfully

Run Time: 31:39
Release Date: January 26, 2024
Record Label: Independent


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