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Edith Unveils Emotional Masterpiece with New Album ‘In This House We Celebrate Heartbreak’

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Edith has unveiled her 18-track, confessional new album ‘In This House We Celebrate Heartbreak.’



Indie-pop singer-songwriter Edith invites listeners into the intimate landscape of her emotions with the release of her latest album, In This House We Celebrate Heartbreak. Featuring 18 soul-baring tracks, the album is a poignant journey through Edith’s life and experiences from the ages of 20 to 22.

Edith shares:

“I started writing this album when I was 21. Most songs are written instead of writing texts or jotting down my feelings in my diary; instead, I would pour my heart into songs on my piano.”

The album encapsulates her unique approach to storytelling. Each track serves as a musical diary entry capturing the highs and lows of her personal journey. One of the album’s highlights is the track “God Complex,” which earned the title of ‘Track of the Week’ on BBC Music Introducing. Edith describes it as a cathartic anthem that she turns to when she wants to channel her emotions and feel empowered in the face of challenging situations.

A standout track on the album is “21” a song inspired by a text message asking about Edith’s life. The song is an upbeat, catchy pop anthem that features her raw and powerful vocals. The album delves into the deeply personal yet universally relatable themes of heartbreak and the complexities of modern relationships.

Growing up with a strong musical influence in her life, Edith started writing songs at the tender age of 11. Having gigged on stages around London, such as Notting Hill Arts Club, she released her first EP at the age of 18 after the success of her first singles. She continues to empower women and men across the world.

She says:

“I want people to be able to relate to it as I believe we all experience life differently but end up feeling the exact same way about stuff.”

Alongside the album release, Edith has released official music videos for “Necklace.” “Over It,” and “The Day We Met.”

Edith ‘In This House We Celebrate Heartbreak’ album artwork


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