Tacos! Premiere Their Big and Bold New Album ‘3’



Melding punk and metal is rarely attempted and even more rarely pulled off to success, but Tacos! are here to show us how it’s done with their new offering, 3. Officially set for an August 4th release via Portland imprint Nadine Records, the album marks a sharp and convincing evolution for a band that, if you have followed over the years, you would know is no stranger to change and experimentation.

Commenting on the album’s release, band leader Donovan Stewart states:

“We are super excited to finally unleash these songs to the world. Crafted during the most uncertain of times, the completion of this project was a light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel.”

3 could be seen as a sonic departure from the trio’s previous work, seeing them embracing and pulling off big sounds that have influenced the heaviness of the song structures and gravity of the lyrics. Not that it’s an overly serious affair, but right from the first verse of the opening track, you know the band means business regarding what direction they want to go in.

Together now since 2010, and led by Lupe Flores and the aforementioned Donovan Stewart, evolution has always been a significant component of the modus operandi of this act. They like to change things up from album to album, and the more recent addition to the fold of bassist Hozoji Matheson-Margullis has inspired even more diversity and freedom within the creative process.

Tacos! ‘3’ album artwork

Like so many other acts, Tacos! really took it on the chin with the onset of the pandemic and the associated lockdowns back in 2020. With their ability to move forward at a standstill, band founders Flores and Stewart really learned to lean on each other. They wrote together in isolation, which may suggest why themes of loss, death, disconnection, and passion are an important part of 3. This record was made strictly for the hunger, reward, and risk that comes with the process, and when you’re doing it for the love of it, good things are usually going to come.

3 Track Listing:

1. Chin Up Tits Out
2. Kick Rocks
3. Takata
4. Shine
5. Coug Snugz
6. Rat City Love
7. Oh Suzanna
8. Ye Olde Growthe


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