Karisa – “Next To You” [Song Review]

Toronto’s rising alt-pop artist Karisa debuts her new single “Next To You,” blending ’80s synth and EDM elements.



Toronto-based alternative pop artist Karisa is making waves with her latest single, “Next To You,” – a light-hearted summer anthem about falling in love, happiness, and having a good time. The euphoric track merges iconic 1980s synth elements with EDM sounds of the early 2000s to create a unique sound that allows Karisa to make her unique mark on the industry.

Some lyrics from this new single read: “And we can follow the stars/ And we can watch the moon/ And as the tide goes down/ I’ll be right next to you.”

Comments Karisa:

“Water and the tide work as a metaphor for conflicting tropes of timelessness, renewal and eternity against the vagrancies of time and the demands it puts on us in life.”

The lyrics and melody within “Next To You” were inspired by the feeling of spending a blissful summer with the person you love. Karisa hopes that listeners associate this new track with a day at the beach when the sun hangs low in the sky and summer heat radiates around you. “Next To You” fuses the feelings and experiences related to the life we live and the love around us. The lyrics and background instrumentals work together in harmony, creating an invigorating and bright tune.

Toronto-based Alternative Pop Singer Karisa has heavily relied on music and art throughout various stages of life. Karisa comes from an artistic family filled with creation and individuality. She recalls her love of music blooming as a child sitting at the piano, recording herself singing. Karisa’s first live performance was at a dive bar in Toronto’s Kensington Market. This experience sparked Karisa’s urge to become an established singer-songwriter and share her music.

She prides herself on creating music that expresses the emotion behind various experiences in life – the good, the bad, the ugly, and all that falls in between. Karisa hopes to create songs that provide listeners with a slice of happiness or comfort when they need it the most.

Karisa, photo by Yvonne Opalinski

Run Time: 3:15
Release Date: August 10, 2023
Record Label: Syn6ix Records


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